About Us

Capital City Organics opened in Brookland in 2016 as a venture of Cap City Hydro offering nutrients, supplements, and soil and other growth media free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, for indoor and outdoor gardeners. Cap City Hydro opened at the original location in Petworth in 2010, and closed in early 2020.  All retail sales are now through our store one block from the Brookland Metro station.

Since 2010 we’ve made the Washington, DC community our home and we pride ourselves on providing the urban grower with only the highest quality equipment and products, as well as providing expertise and personal service to our customers. From the latest LED lighting technology to organic nutrients and everything in between, from appliances to accessories, Cap City Organics is a one-stop shop for all of your hydroponic & organic needs.  Don’t hesitate to ask about your preferred products– if we don’t stock it, we can get it!

Offering the following product lines:

Nutrients and media including General Hydroponics and General Organics, Aurora Innovations’ Roots Organics, VegaMatrix (vegan), Fox Farm (area’s best prices on Ocean Forest and Happy Frog), Canna (Dutch import), Mother Earth coco and perlite, Nectar of the Gods, Coast of Maine, Humboldt Nutrients, Emerald Harvest, Down to Earth, Canna, Technaflora, Cyco, Veg+Bloom solubles, Malibu Compost certified biodynamic soil, Growcentia’s Mammoth P, Blacksmith Bioscience, Marrone Bio Innovations, Lotus Pro series, NPK Industries RAW nutrient products, Sunshine blends from Sungrow Horticulture, and the full Promix media line.  We sell top of the line LED Quantum board technology from HLG, the new Luxx collaboration between Samsung and Osram, and best-selling exclusives from Fluence Bioengineering, as well as HID lights, including CMH technology, from Nanolux, Hortilux, and Gavita, among many others.

New to hydroponic gardening?
Let our friendly and knowledgeable staff guide you in setting up a garden that will produce fantastic plants all year round. Economically and environmentally friendly, growing your own flowers and vegetables indoors is not just a great hobby, it is a truly sustainable way to feed your family!

New to organic gardening?
Our experienced staff will also guide you in the right direction when setting up your outdoor and/or indoor organic garden. Organic nutrients are formulated from natural components that come from a dead animal or plant, as opposed to synthetic chemicals.  Some of the soil amendments we carry include guano from various sources, worm castings, compost and its byproducts, marine products like kelp, oyster shell, shrimp or crab meal, and other bone, blood, and feather meals.  We have amendments for your soil, liquid nutrients for feeding hydro- or soil-based gardens, and a broad referral network of gardeners who have tried a variety of applications, experimented with side-by-side comparisons, and consulted for everyone from educational institutions to your next-door neighbor.  Tell us about your plants, your problems, and your preferences. We are ready to help you with your organic needs!.